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......@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ Our team held a workshop on Saturday the 5th March where participants contribute
After a quick presentation to introduce the project, the participants shared impact stories on software practices which can put the end-users at risk or help reduce it. They drew on hypothetical scenarios or real situations which helped highlight specific issues or good practices in a variety of contexts.
We've collected these stories as part of our impact framework and made them available on our site where you can further contribute to them:
We've collected these stories as part of our impact framework and will make [them available in the impact section of our site](../../impact) where you will be able to further contribute to them.
Some interesting impact stories that emerged were for instance related to the hacking of a Google account made possible because the user was kept logged in during 30 days (even though two-factor authentication is activated). Another participants shared that Tibetan dissidents where affected by malware that benefited from Baidu Browser's lack of secured and verified update mechanism.
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